Patricia Hughes
Senior Vice President
Healthcare Risk Management
Patricia Hughes

Patty is responsible for risk management resources and services for healthcare policyholders.

Patty recognizes that the role of the healthcare risk manager is evolving, and for many risk managers the challenges in creating an effective risk management program include time, skills and resources. Patty continuously strives to develop and position our offerings in a unique way that support the evolution of this role across all healthcare settings, and help to demonstrate the value of an effective risk management program in an organization. She oversees the coordination of our internal and external consulting services that assist policyholders in identifying and managing risk exposures.

Under Patty’s direction, OneBeacon Healthcare Group risk managers support underwriting, producers and clients by performing risk reviews of new and renewing accounts and participating in pre-bind meetings.

With over 30 years of clinical and management experience in healthcare, including experience as a Director of Risk for two integrated health systems with captive insurance programs, this risk management program is designed for healthcare by a healthcare risk management professional.