Medical Facilities Liability structured for flexibility and security.

More and more medical procedures are being offered in qualified outpatient settings. Walk in clinics, urgent care, imaging and ambulatory surgery centers, specialty pharmacy and home health have developed and expanded rapidly to meet progressively sophisticated consumers’ expectations. With an end-to-end approach that includes claims and risk management expertise, we can address medical facilities clients’ needs and exposures.

Our appetite focus:

Medical facilities and providers offering health care services in a broad range of categories

  • Broad definition of claim and incident trigger
  • Defense outside the limits of coverage as part of the policy form
  • Punitive damages coverage - most-favorable venue affirmation where permitted by law
  • 60 days of automatic coverage for newly acquired or created entities
  • Affirmative vicarious liability coverage under professional liability for medical services by non-insured practitioners
  • Separate insuring agreement for sexual misconduct/physical abuse allegations
  • Broad definition of insured to include volunteers, students, and medical directors (administrative duties)
  • Advertising coverage that includes certain internet and electronic communications
  • Employee benefits liability coverage available
  • Evacuation expense reimbursement sublimit available – for unplanned evacuation of patients
  • Legal/media expense reimbursement sublimit available for the investigation, defense and management of public relations in connection with certain legal defense proceedings
  • Claims made or occurrence professional and general liability coverages available
  • Excess policy with umbrella liability coverage available
  • $5 million capacity for primary professional and general liability
  • $10 million in excess capacity
  • Separate towers available for professional liability, general liability, employee benefits liability and sexual misconduct/physical abuse liability

Medical facilities and providers offering health care services within these broad categories:

  • Allied Medical Training schools
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Behavioral health and counseling - outpatient
  • Dialysis centers
  • Home healthcare - skilled medical and personal care services
  • Hospice - home care and inpatient facilities
  • Laboratories providing medical, dental, or other testing and specialty services
  • Radiology and imaging - including MRI facilities, CT and PET scans, sonograms and X-ray labs
  • Rehabilitation - cardiac, developmentally disabled, physical/occupational, substance abuse and trauma
  • Specialty pharmacies
  • Treatment facilities for cancer and disease management
  • Urgent care and walk-in clinics
In Addition:

We can design tailored programs for

  • Small to medium-size risks - $3,500 minimum premium for most classes
  • Larger risks that require tailored programs with deductibles/SIRs or excess coverage
  • Non-medical E&O
Available coverage options for qualified risks:
  • Physicians may be insured with the facility
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability
  • Independent contractors as Insureds

We offer tailored risk management services including clinical in-house risk managers who can assist in the review of policyholders’ specific needs.

Services for qualified accounts including:
  • Consulting time by telephone, fax, email or on-site
  • Complimentary participation webinars focused on policyholder needs
  • A monthly risk management e-newsletter
  • On-site risk assessments and education services
  • Online CME credits for physician groups

No one looks forward to being involved in a claim. However, we strive to be as prepared as possible should a claim occur. Our claims services include:

  • Experienced teams of in-house claims professionals which include clinicians, lawyers, investigators and IT experts that are dedicated to each account
  • A strong network of national reputable outside counsel
  • A natural tenacity to fight for policyholders’ reputations
  • The ability to settle appropriately, but with policyholders’ best interests in mind, treating an insured’s money as if it was our own

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