We Are Excited to Announce Enhancements to our Medical Facilities Policies

We are committed to providing coverage options for a dynamic healthcare environment

August 30, 2018

Finding the right coverage for a medical facility can be a challenge, particularly when more and more medical procedures are being offered in qualified outpatient settings. Walk in clinics, urgent care, imaging and ambulatory surgery centers, specialty pharmacy and home health have developed and expanded rapidly to meet progressively sophisticated consumers' expectations. In order to maintain pace with the complex healthcare market, our Medical Facilities division is excited to announce enhancements to its current product offering:

Sexual Misconduct/Physical Abuse

  • Stand-alone insuring agreement with separate limits
  • Final Adjudication language for civil claims
  • Protection for innocent insureds

Workplace Violence

  • Reimbursement coverage for certain workplace violence events - $25,000 limit available
  • Workplace violence event includes an act or threat of deadly force involving the use of a lethal weapon on the premises that could or did result in bodily injury to a insured person
  • Workplace violence expenses include reasonable expenses for the use of an independent security consultant, independent public relations firm and independent forensic analyst, as well as for a counseling seminar for employees

Regulatory Billing Errors

  • Reimbursement coverage for certain regulatory billing errors proceedings - up to $50,000 limit available
  • Regulatory billing errors proceeding includes certain proceedings brought by commercial payors or governmental agencies
  • Regulatory billing errors proceedings costs include reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses related to the investigation and defense of a regulatory billing error proceeding, and certain civil fines or penalties resulting from a regulatory billing error proceeding 

Privacy Breach

  • Reimbursement coverage for certain privacy breach events - up to $50,000 limit available
  • Privacy breach event includes a failure by the insured to maintain the confidentiality of information regarding medical services or the unauthorized release of or use of such information by the insured 
  • Privacy breach event expenses include reasonable fees and costs of attorneys and consultants in the management or investigation of a privacy breach event, as well as reasonable costs to provide notification to, and credit monitoring services for, affected individuals