Risk Managing Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance in Drug and Alcohol Testing Businesses

November 29, 2018

Any commercial entity, including drug and alcohol testing businesses, that uses (i.e., allows employees to operate) vehicles that are not owned by the company, but are leased, hired, or borrowed, should consider the enterprise risk transfer strategy of insurance to address potential liabilities and losses. But what types of auto-insurance policies or endorsements to other policies are needed? Which policies are primary vs. secondary? Are there special considerations for drug and alcohol testing businesses? How should a company manage these risk exposures?


Enterprise Risk Management Strategies for Drug and Alcohol Testing Organizations

June 4, 2018

Workplace drug testing has seen rapid growth over the last few decades. Some employers have the facilities to provide drug testing services for their own employees, while others contract with drug and alcohol testing services. Positive drug and alcohol test results can have a significant negative impact on the employee, and there are risk considerations for the employer as well. Likewise, drug and alcohol testing organizations have their own risk exposures and legal liability.


Preventing Patient Identification Errors

January 4, 2018

Too often, patient identification errors only receive their due attention after a serious mistake occurs, such as one that results in patient harm. These "sentinel events," as termed by The Joint Commission, persist despite numerous technological advances and initiatives to focus attention on the issue.


Get to Know Us: Capabilities and Appetite

March 31, 2017

We'd like to keep you informed of where we stand in this fast moving healthcare liability landscape with the rapidly changing carrier appetites and fledgling markets. Our underwriting teams are fully staffed, and we look forward to working with you to craft solutions for your risks.